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"[Dave's] expertise is in an area that is most sought after—optimizing Web content and creating complex website information architectures from scratch."
- Ramya Mehul
  (Web Marketing Manager at VMWare)

"Dave can wrestle out the best outcome from a vague project request better than anyone I ever met."
- Keith Osiewicz
  (Global Web Strategy Manager, AB SCIEX)

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I’m a lead user experience architect and content strategist with a passion for creating clear, engaging solutions to complex design and content challenges.

I'm currently a Lead Content Strategist at Siteworx, Inc., an interactive agency focusing on responsive Web and mobile design and CMS implementations at companies like Time Warner, Fidelity, and Fisher Scientific.

Previously, I worked as an information architect and Web marketing content strategist at, a $1 billion/year B2C and B2B e-commerce site that sells laboratory products to life scientists—the kind you see solving crimes on CSI.

It was a great big-picture jack-of-all-trades role that combined UX, marketing, business analysis, content strategy, editing, SEO, e-commerce—and a bit of social science too.  

See the work and skills sections of my site for more details.